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Who can benefit & what to expect from T.R.U.E.?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Every year millions of applicants apply to migrate to Canada. A large percentage of these applicants are Skilled workers seeking Permanent Residency in Canada. Due to incomplete information online and often due to misguidance, applicants rush to create their profiles in the Express Entry pool. Unauthorized practitioners and Ghost Consultants mislead applicants by telling them that they are eligible for Express entry and collect huge amounts of money without sharing the complete information. This has not only led to many scams globally but also challenged the integrity of our Canadian immigration system. As a qualified and licensed immigration practitioner, our RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) saw the need for an assessment system for Federal Skilled Workers, that could evaluate an applicant’s profile in a comprehensive manner. After months of research and analysis, our RCIC has designed a unique assessment program that would not just calculate the ‘eligibility’ of an applicant but also highlight the probability of success under the Federal Skilled Worker program and Provincial Nominee programs. This ‘one-of-a-kind’ assessment enables each applicant to have all the information they need to make a well-informed decision for their Canadian Permanent Residency, before they start investing their money, energy and most of all their precious time.

The assessment is called ‘T.R.U.E.’, which stands for ‘Transparent Results from Unbiased Evaluation’. Unlike the standard ‘eligibility’ assessment provided by most companies, T.R.U.E. provides a transparent and in-depth analysis of one’s profile based on several factors that determine one’s chances of immigrating to Canada. These results are discussed over an hour’s online meeting, where our RCIC takes the applicant through the entire assessment results and process. Our RCIC does not believe in giving extensive pages of report for applicants to read and understand by themselves. Hence, the entire process is simplified for the applicants and our RCIC is personally available to answer all queries and clarify every doubt that the applicant might have. Some of the aspects that will be highlighted in the T.R.U.E., include the following:

- A transparent and complete process followed for Canadian Immigration under Federal Skilled Worker program

- How do provincial programs work and what does an applicant need, to get a nomination under a PNP?

- Determination of the right occupation code for an applicant’s profile to avoid getting an application rejected due to an incorrect occupation code

- Timelines and costs involved for various programs for Permanent Residency

- Job prospects and salaries offered for jobs in various provinces as per an applicant’s specific occupational profile

- Brief about the significant aspects that can make one ‘inadmissible’ to Canada

- How does an immigration officer assess a profile for Permanent Residency

- Challenges that one might face with respect to one’s profile and solutions available

These are just some of the significant aspects that are a ‘must-know’ for anyone who is considering applying for Permanent Residency of Canada. A T.R.U.E. assessment not just gives you an accurate and honest feedback of your chances of immigrating to Canada, but also saves you a lot of precious time, energy and money by enabling you to take a well-informed decision and a well-planned action. Take the first step to know the truth about your chances of succeeding for a Canadian Permanent Residency. Book your appointment today with our RCIC:

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