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Study Permit for Canada is offered to foreign students who wish to study in Canada. However, this is not a visa that gives access to enter Canada. A visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization is also required along with the study permit. The study permit for Canada is valid for the duration of the study program with an extension of couple of months which lets students decide whether they wish to extend their stay or leave the country. There are certain specific educational institutions in Canada that accept foreign students. A student needs to be eligible to obtain a study permit for Canada and it is only granted if the student meets all requisites and is able to prove to the officer that he/she will not overstay when the permit expires.

As per section 219(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, a student cannot be issued a study permit for Canada unless he or she has an acceptance letter to study in Canada from a designated institution.  There are many advantages of having a study permit for Canada. One of these advantages is that students are allowed to work on and off the college campus provided the permit clearly specifies a condition stating that they are allowed to work while studying. With professional guidance from our RCIC, we can assist you in securing a study permit for Canada and also provide further assistance with the Permanent Residency process, should you choose to make Canada your permanent home.

Study Permits

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