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We at Exult offer a holistic set of immigration services for Canada. We are with you every step of the way right from your initial assessment with a transparent communication to helping you come and settle in Canada. We ensure that your Canada Immigration process can be as simple as it can be. Our diligent systems and our strength of paying attention to even the minutest of details ensures that every file is processed with utmost care and error-free. Our immigration services for Canada are 100% transparent and cost-effective. We are driven by our motto of providing an honest and trustworthy guidance to all our clients and make their migration to Canada a smooth and memorable experience.Canada Immigration services offered by us include the following:

Eligibility Assessment

The eligibility assessment is the first and most important step in the Canada immigration process. The Government of Canada has specified certain requirements for foreign nationals who are keen on immigrating to Canada. Based on these specifications, we have designed an eligibility assessment system to evaluate the qualifications of each applicant and determine their eligibility with respect to a particular immigration program. Some evaluations are a point-based system and scored on the basis of age, educational qualifications, work experience, language proficiency, employment, etc. The assessment is done by our licensed immigration consultant to find the best possible solution to immigrate to Canada. For a successful processing of any application, it becomes imperative that the eligibility assessment is thorough and accurate for each and every program that the candidate might be eligible for.

Analysing data

Customized Probability Analysis

There are more than sixty immigration programs at the federal and provincial level. The rules and regulations are dynamic in nature and although they give every province some discretion, at times it becomes difficult to know whether the same occupational category is accepted in the preferred province. This can be confusing and overwhelming for individuals who have limited knowledge as to which program will suit them the best and how they can improve their chance for immigrating to Canada. Hence, in order to simplify the Canada Immigration process for the applicants and give them a better understanding of their chances to immigrate, we have developed a unique and scientific probability analysis platform which is the most crucial among our Canada immigration services. It is a sophisticated and intelligent system that enables us to find the best suited immigration program for our clients. It helps our clients to make a well-informed decision before they proceed to invest a lot of their time, money, and energy into the whole process.

Profile Assessment
Probability Analysis

Profile Creation, Submission & Monitoring

Canada Immigration process for all programs involves creation of a profile and submission of relevant documents with the application. There are specific protocols for submission of an application and if not done accurately or with appropriate supporting documents, it can lead to rejection. There are laws governing the requirements of different types of programs, which only a Regulated Canadian immigration consultant would know as they have mandatorily completed their studies of immigration law and policies. Our RCIC has the knowledge and skills to ensure that all laws are complied with while submitting an application under a particular program. Submission is just one part and what is equally important is the continuous monitoring of an application in order to be able to take suitable action within stipulated timelines. Unlike several other big companies, we only accept limited number of files at a time and are able to provide personalized attention and timely monitoring of all applications. This makes our immigration services for Canada accurate, timely and flawless.

Profile Creation

Guidance for English Tests, Educational Credential verification, Police verification, Medical tests etc.  

Various programs that constitute a part of the Canada immigration process involve appearing for language proficiency tests, getting one’s educational credentials assessed, completing a police verification and even getting medical tests done. All these steps are defined by certain protocols laid down by the immigration department and it may vary for different programs. For instance, once an express entry application in the pool is accepted and the applicant receives an invitation to apply for the Visa, they are required to submit certain documents to validate information mentioned in the applicant’s profile, such as language proficiency test result, education credential verification certificate, police certificate, medicals, passport, work experience certificate, proof of funds, etc. These documents are mandatory to complete the application within a stipulated time.  If the application is found to be incomplete or not submitted as per the prescribed rules, the processing officer will reject the application. Our RCIC is qualified to assist each applicant with their documentation and thus leave no scope of error.

Resume writing & Job Search

Canada is considered a great country for well-paying jobs, tremendous employment opportunities and this is one of the primary reasons why people immigrate to Canada. However, most applicants who plan to move to Canada do not necessarily have a job offer in hand and it is challenging for them to find an adequate job as per their skills. Here, your resume plays an important role as one can benefit a lot if it is well presented and as per the expectations of the immigration officer. No one can guarantee the result of an application but our RCIC can ensure for sure that the application is prepared in the right manner with a well drafted resume. Hence, as part of our Canada immigration services, we offer our clients a professional resume writing service. We help our clients create resumes and cover letters that stand-out amongst other candidates. We also offer assistance for job search and guide our clients to find and apply for suitable jobs in various provinces as per their experience and profile.

Curriculum Vitae

Advisory services for business set up and investment in Canada

There are several business immigration programs offering admission to Canada, such as the federal start-up Visa program, provincial nominee entrepreneur programs, pilot programs, etc. Each province offers its own business programs with their own investment criteria and business protocols to be followed. The application and selection process might differ as well. The amount of investment for set-up of business also differs from one province to another. Since there are so many business immigration options available, we encourage you to take advantage of our extensive experience and discuss your options with our specialist. With the help of our expert guidance, we can determine the right business/investment opportunities for you and also help you establish and operate a business in Canada.

Pre-migration Preparation

When the application is approved and the Visa is done, the next step is to prepare for the move to Canada. This is a very important part of our immigration services for Canada. In this process, we provide a digital kit to our clients containing detailed information about living in Canada, orientation to health care, housing, transportation, education, banking, insurances etc. We help the applicants understand and be prepared so that they know what to expect when they land in Canada. A pre-preparation guidance from us not only ensures a smooth transition but also helps our clients to avoid mistakes and hassles which can turn out to be extremely challenging and expensive while moving to a new country. We are happy to answer all queries from our clients to make them as prepared as possible for their landing in Canada and further settlement here.

Well-prepared - Photo _cdc_edited.jpg

Travel Arrangements (Optional)

If a client prefers and wants to opt for further assistance with their travel to Canada, we can certainly offer that as well. On client’s request, we can make arrangements for their flight tickets, short-term and long-term accommodation, food options and airport transfers. We enjoy special rates with airlines, hotels and transport vendors and can offer the best deal on your travel. However, this is not a part of our primary Canada immigration services and thus does not form part of our retainer agreement. This is an optional service and it can be availed upon request from the client, only to assist the client as a 'value-added' service without any profit mark-ups on the same. A small administrative fee may be charged for making arrangements for such services and a separate agreement is entered into with the client to have a clear communication with transparency and avoid any chances of confusion with the main immigration services being provided.

Settlement services in Canada (Optional)

We work with multiple organizations in Canada to provide guidance for availing settlement services to clients after they land in Canada. A need assessment is done and a customized settlement plan is shared with the client based on their needs and requirements. Settlement services can generally include suggestions for job search, training programs to learn languages, upgradation of skills, opening of bank account, subscribing to applicable insurances, understanding the taxation norms and participating in networking sessions. One often finds themselves overwhelmed with all the complexities of the systems in a new country and our objective is to make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients.

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