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  • How do I get Canada Permanent Residency (PR)?
    Depending on an applicant’s profile, the right program to obtain Canada PR is recommended. Some of the most popular programs under an Express entry system include the following: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Federal Skilled Trades (FST) There are several PNP programs as well. Once you are eligible under a particular program, we guide you through the entire process of coming and settling in Canada as a PR.
  • How many immigration programs are there and how do I know my eligibility for all programs?
    There are more than sixty immigration programs for Canada that are available for people who wish to immigrate to Canada. Our customized eligibility and probability analysis engine enables us to evaluate eligibility of our clients, across all program categories and find out the most suitable programs for them.
  • How long does the complete immigration process take?
    There is no standard period as it differs from case to case depending on the program shortlisted. It can take 8-10 months or even 2 years, to complete all the steps in the immigration application process. Applications made under Express entry can take as little as 6 months but since the pandemic, these timelines were extended.
  • How will I know if my application is accepted?
    We shall be monitoring your application and keep you posted with regular updates. You will also receive an email notification from the Canadian immigration authorities, in case of any development in your application.
  • Can you help me to find a job in Canada?
    We are not a recruitment company and can not help anyone in getting a job. However, as a 'value-add' service, we can provide guidance about proper format for a Canadian resume, cover letter and also guide you to legit resources where you can find suitable job openings that match your skills/qualifications.
  • Can I bring my family to Canada?
    You can bring your spouse and children with you to Canada if you have mentioned them as your dependents in your PR application. There are immigration programs that allow immigrants to immigrate to Canada with their family members and we can help you find the most suitable one for your family. You can also sponsor your parents and younger siblings as dependents, on meeting certain pre-requisites.
  • Is your company registered?
    Yes, we are a registered organization, headquartered in Alberta, Canada. We are recognized by CICC (formerly ICCRC) which is the immigration regulatory body of Canadian government. Our founder is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(RCIC) who is licensed by CICC to give advice on Canada immigration to prospective immigrants from around the world.
  • Do you offer immigration services for Canada only or other countries as well?
    We offer services only for Canadian immigration. We are well versed with Canadian law and policies related to immigration.
  • What are your payment terms? Do you accept payment in installments?
    Our payment term is very simple. There is a flat fee that we charge for our services. However, we do have easy installment payment option available, which would be clearly specified in the retainer agreement once we onboard every client.
  • Do you guarantee that I will get Canadian PR?
    No consultant or an immigration lawyer in the world can guarantee success in an immigration application, even if you meet all the eligibility criteria. However, with our expert guidance, we will ensure that your application is well-presented, error-free and stands out from others in the pool highlighting all the positive aspects in your profile. We will find all possible ways to increase your chances in receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • How do you ensure that your client's information and data is protected?
    The security of our client’s data is very important to us. We maintain a high degree of security for electronic communication and information storage through encryption. We do not divulge any information or documents to anyone without client’s prior consent, except when demanded by the Council or required under law. We follow the professional ‘Code of Ethics’ laid down by CICC, to maintain confidentiality of each client’s profile, data and documents.
  • Can I sponsor my brother or sister to Canada?
    Yes, you can sponsor your siblings to Canada up to a certain age as dependents of your parents, provided they meet certain criteria laid by the immigration laws of Canada. We can guide you with the correct process under the prescribed laws and regulations depending on your situation.
  • Once I get PR, will you also help me in getting Canadian citizenship?"
    Once you become a Permanent Resident of Canada and fulfill all residency requirements prescribed under the Immigration law, we can guide you with all the necessary documentation and further process in obtaining Canadian Citizenship.
  • How are you different from other immigration consultants?
    Our consultant is a qualified and CICC-licensed member who has in-depth knowledge of the immigration system, also having gone through the process herself to start a new life in Canada. Our highly sophisticated probability assessment engine enables us to analyze the probability of each profile and enable our clients to make a well-informed decision for their immigration to Canada. We do not make false claims and believe in providing honest advice to all our clients, maintaining complete transparency in our communications.
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