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Canadian Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Act section 5(1)(c) specifies when a permanent resident can be granted citizenship by the Minister. Canada Permanent Residency process is one of the ways to acquire Canadian citizenship subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. One must be a permanent resident of Canada, have lived in the country for specified duration, filed taxes, pass a citizenship test and prove the required language skills. However, there are circumstances that can prevent a person from becoming a citizen of Canada like being investigated for a crime, serving a term of imprisonment, being convicted of an offence, etc. This means that a permanent resident does not automatically qualify for the Canadian citizenship and needs to fulfill all the requisites before applying for citizenship.

Canada allows dual citizenship, however, many countries do not permit dual citizenship. Hence, one needs to have complete information not just about the Canadian citizenship requirements but also about the citizenship rules enforced by their home country.


Proper documents need to be submitted while applying for Canadian citizenship. There are also certain exemptions offered in the process. We can assist you with all the necessary documentation and process to fulfill your dream of making Canada your permanent home.

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