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5 Things your local agency may not tell you about Express Entry for Canada!

Anyone who is interested in migrating to Canada wants to know every possible detail that might impact his or her application. Unfortunately, most of the local immigration companies do not have the in-depth knowledge about Canadian Immigration law and policies. However, the question is even if they did, would they have been transparent enough to share every information with 100% honesty? Sadly, the answer is ‘No’! The reason is that these are businesses driven only by profits and their business model is based on squeezing the maximum amount possible from an applicant. This is only possible when they do not share complete information with the applicant initially and by the time the applicant comes to know that he never had the chance of immigrating to Canada, it is too late as he has invested a substantial amount of money, time, energy and hope! Here we will try to reveal some important facts about the Express Entry for Canada, which is the most heard and spoken of when it comes to getting a Canadian Permanent Residency.

1. Express Entry for Canada is not an Immigration program but just a Case Management System:

There are several pathways to immigrate to Canada. The government of Canada offers various immigration programs to help immigrants obtain permanent residency. Express entry for Canada is an online case management system introduced in January 2015 for faster processing of applications. 80% of the applications are processed within 6 months or less. However, the pandemic has impacted this system as departments are unable to function at normal pace. Express entry for Canada immigration is used to organize and process applications of those who wish to permanently move to Canada and does not apply to temporary residents like students or workers.

2. There are several programs under the Express Entry Case Management System:

Under the Express entry for Canada, there is more than one economic immigration program and includes programs such as: Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades Program. Besides these, some of the provincial programs are also linked through express entry. However, each program has different requisites to become eligible to apply for express entry for Canada. The eligibility is assessed through a series of parameters like age, nationality, work experience, education, language proficiency, family members and employment status. Candidates are assessed and scored based on their eligibility, determining whether they can submit their profile in the express entry pool and which would be the most suitable program for them.

3. Draws cut-off under Express Entry differ for each program:

Express entry for Canada immigration uses a selection process based on a specified score. Submitting an online profile under the express entry doesn’t guarantee receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency. Applicants with stronger profiles and higher scores are most likely to be selected over those who just meet the minimum requirements. Every profile in the express entry pool is ranked through a system which assigns each applicant a score out of a total of 1200 points. The Government of Canada conducts draw under express entry once, twice a month or sometimes more and each draw has a cut-off score. The cut-off score represents the score of the lowest ranking applicant to receive an invitation to apply for PR. These draws are conducted for each program separately under express entry system with different cut-offs. Once an applicant meets the cut-off score and receives an invitation to apply, they are given ninety days to complete and submit an official online application for their PR.

4. Additional Points can be gained under Express Entry programs through a Provincial Nomination:

Provincial nomination can significantly increase an applicant’s score with 600 points. The main highlight of this provincial nomination system is that applicants can increase their score with the same application, without leaving the Express Entry pool. A provincial nomination is a great way for an applicant to jump to the top of the pool, especially if they have a low score. There are special categories created under each Provincial Nomination Program that allows each province to nominate applicants that meet its policies and latest occupation requirements.

5. Incomplete or errored documents can negatively impact your application even if you make the draw cut-off:

Just making the express entry draw cut-off is not enough and is not a guarantee of a successful result of a PR application. When reviewing an application, the Canadian immigration officers assess all the documents and issue a decision based on the overall application. They will verify the completeness of the application, including the content of the supporting documents. If an application is incomplete or the submitted documents are with errors, then it can negatively impact the application and there is a high risk that the application could be rejected. The immigration authorities can also decline the invitation to apply if an application is not submitted with all supporting documents within the stipulated time. Hence, it is very important to submit your application as complete and accurate as it can.

The above are some of the important aspects one needs to know regarding express entry for Canada. We at Exult believe in communicating every minute aspect with full transparency with our clients, to give them a clearer picture of what to expect and what are their chances of getting the permanent residency. We take pride in our diligent methods and attention to details which ensures flawless and error-free processing of applications for all our clients. Please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have and we will be delighted to be of assistance.

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