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Know your chances before applying for Canadian PR!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

It does sound tempting when you hear Canada is inviting 400,000+ immigrants in a year. What is even more tempting is when your local immigration agency tells you that you are eligible for Canada Permanent Residency. Of course, the next obvious thing would seem to register yourself with that company who will immediately persuade you to make an upfront payment with a promise to get your Canadian PR. Do not rush for it yet! If you do have a very high score (besides your 'eligibility' in Express entry for Federal Skilled worker), your pathway will be less challenging than all those who are eligible and yet do not make the cut with their scores. However, being an intelligent applicant, am sure you would like to know what is your probability of making it under the various immigration programs and not just those linked to Express Entry (just in case). Wait, did you just read 'various' immigration programs? Yes, you got it right!

There are 60+ immigration pathways to get a Canadian PR. However, there is a high probability that your local immigration agency may not be aware about all of those programs, barring a handful. The Canada Permanent Residency visa is not as easy to obtain as you may have been told. Well, if you were told, you wouldn’t make an upfront payment, would you? So that’s the tactics many local (and sadly, illegal) immigration agencies would use by hiding most of the facts. When we were ourselves trapped by one such local agency in our earlier country of residence, we were not even told how to get the Canadian PR card and before we figured it out on our own, we were actually stuck on arrival in Canada, losing a lot of our money and time. The good news is that you don't have to be trapped like we were, because you now have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes! And that is indeed a relief as no one wants to learn the hard way!

It is not easy to determine your probability for getting Canada Permanent Residency, but it is possible! No immigration agencies are in a position to give this probability to you because firstly they do not have the knowledge and secondly, they are more interested in the lump sum payments coming from you, without being bothered if you end up losing precious time, energy and money at the end of it. However, we have designed and developed an in-house system to give you this probability before you shell out thousands of dollars from your pocket. We would only charge a small amount for this analysis that would give you a true picture of your chances and where would you stand in the system if you applied for a Canadian PR. Once you know the facts and your chances, you are in a position to take a well-informed decision. In fact we aim to maintain a 99% success rate (yes, 1% is for contingencies like the program itself gets shut by the government) for Canada Permanent Residency applications and this is only possible when we help our clients with an accurate assessment before they sign a retainer with us. We do not want to give false hope to anyone who doesn’t stand a chance and trust me there are a very high percentage of such candidates. Most applicants feel they are highly qualified with lot of work experience so they would easily get a Canadian PR, however, sadly this is not the case. There are tonnes of other factors which are governed by strict Canadian immigration laws and a well-qualified professional in Canadian Immigration law(like a RCIC approved by ICCRC) can determine those aspects and evaluate a candidate against those parameters.

So do not waste your time and money getting assessed by someone who is not qualified to assess your profile in the first place. Get a realistic evaluation of your profile and know your chances well before you decide to initiate a Canadian Permanent Residency application.

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