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Alberta's response to the Ukrainian crisis

Canada is home to the 2nd largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world. Hence, in response to the current conflict between Ukraine & Russia, the Canadian government is doing everything in their power to support Ukrainians with their immigration process. Priority processing of applications for Ukrainian nationals has been put into place. They are also exempted from being fully vaccinated to enter Canada.

While different provinces have their own measures in place, the government of Alberta is also prioritizing the assessment of applications by Ukrainians for permanent residency through the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AIPP). Alberta has taken temporary immigration processing measures to assist Ukrainians who wish to settle to Canada. These measures will be evaluated on a regular basis and will be applicable to people who are Ukrainians by birth and citizenship. The measures are as under:

· As part of the support to Ukrainian nationals, all application & post-decision service will be given top priority and those who applied to the program or made a request for post-decision services on or after February 24, 2022, their fees will be reimbursed or waived off.

· To submit an application, new applicants must have valid language results and their ECA (if applicable) done. Applicants who are missing any supporting documents due to the on-going conflict in Ukraine, will be allowed to submit an incomplete application, provided they all meet selection criteria for their AAIP stream. Candidates who are submitting an incomplete application must:

a. upload a written explanation into the online portal explaining why the required document(s) could not be acquired

b. Show proof that they have requested for issuing the document(s) from the respective individual or institution responsible or evidence that the issuing body is not able to provide the same due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The criteria for AAIP remains the same. All applicants need to meet the program criteria in order to qualify for the program and to be issued a nomination. They are also required to apply for the program through the online application portal.

Alberta’s government is contributing over $11 million for supporting Ukraine. It includes $1 million to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, organized by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada Ukraine Foundation, to help coordinate and deliver humanitarian aid. Another $5 million have been provided to the Ukrainian World Congress to equip 5,000 members of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Force with defensive equipment. Yet another $5 million has been provisioned for the Canada Ukraine Foundation for additional humanitarian aid. For co-ordinating the air shipment of first aid and defensive equipment to Ukraine, $350,000 has been allocated to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Alberta Provincial Council for their campaign.

University of Alberta announced to waive tuition fees for Ukrainian students studying here on study permit if they are facing financial hardships due to the war. They also expedited admission applications from Ukraine and simplified documentation requirements. An emergency fund has been set up to support in areas of greatest need for students and scholars impacted by the war.

Alberta and other provinces along with the Federal government will continue to do whatever necessary to accommodate and stand up for the right to peace and secure lives of affected Ukrainians.

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