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Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (CCOFTA)

The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement was signed in November 2008 and became effective from 15 August 2011. It is very similar to Chapter 12 of the Canada-Peru FTA, but includes an additional benefit of open work permit to spouses of Traders and Investors, Intra-company Transferees or Professionals and Technicians. This agreement has a similar list like the Canada-Peru FTA, identifying the professionals not covered and technicians that are covered under the agreement.

CCOFTA facilitates expansion of trade and investment. It also lays down the rules of origin that establish the point at which materials or components have undergone sufficient production within the free trade area for the good produced to be considered originating. Canada and Colombia have established list for the short-supply goods under the CCOFTA agreement with effect from 10 January 2020 and have agreed to follow specified protocols for the administration of the process. 

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