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Image by Jaimie Harmsen

Basics of Immigrating to Canada

Web Interaction

Day & Date: Tuesday, 14th December 2021

Time: 08:30am. PST / 10:00pm. IST / 07:30pm. AST / 08:30pm. GST

How simple or difficult is it to immigrate to Canada? How much time it actually takes as compared to timelines advertised? Be aware of the facts & prevent yourself from falling into any traps of false promises!

Participation Fee: CAD$ 150 per person

Duration: 30 mins.

A must-attend for you if,

You are serious about immigrating to Canada but wondering is it really as simple as your next door immigration agency or paid influencer posts tells you!

You have done some research online and found contradictory information, which has left you wondering which is the right way to go about this!

You are not sure if you should wait for some time or if you should just initiate the application process, as you have heard that it could take a lot of time!

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